Platform work, protection needs and the labour market in the Labour law debate of recent years

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Stefano Bellomo

Summary: 1. The link between Digital Economy and Labour Law. Aspects of novelty and elements of continuity. 2. A general outline of the opinions of Labour Law scholars. 3. Platform work within the dichotomy of employment/independent freelance work. 4. Is Platform Work in need of a new regulation? 5. Platform Work and related changes in Social Security Systems. 6. Platform Work and new (or redefined) protection needs. 7. Platform Work as Labour Law crisis factor… 8. …and Platform Work as a possible vehicle of employment growth and social progress.


The essay takes into consideration the results of the latest research by Labour Law scholars in the field of platform work and its protection needs. It is indeed appropriate to question whether it’s needed to address these issues, maintaining the traditional categories and regulations or creating a specific regulatory area. Otherwise, another way could consist of a complete restructuring of the whole regulatory system or at least of some legal institutions which historically represent a fundamental part of it, such as the Social Security schemes. The debate remains open, and opinions from scholars worldwide provide attractive clues for its continuation.


Platform work, protection needs, digital economy, social security, new forms of work.