The ILO’s supervisory bodies help to read EU law: the case of posting of workers

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Irene Zoppoli

Summary: 1. The ILO’s supervisory bodies: times of crisis or success? 2. Posting of workers in the multilevel system of regulation: the CEACR’s “jurisprudence”. 3. Possible fields of cooperation between the ILO and the EU.


The author explores whether it is possible to fix higher standards and methods of protection by joining forces of the International Labour Organisation and the European Union. The protective clause of Article 1, paragraph 1, Directive 2018/957/EU is considered a chance for the ILO’s supervisory bodies to play a role in the interpretation of the provision in a way that approximates arrangements on union rights among the Member States which have ratified the ILO Convention No. 87.


ILO, EU, CEACR, quasi-jurisprudence, posting of workers.