The European Pillar of Social Rights Before and Afterthe Pandemic: How the Covid has impacted on its Achievementsand Focus on the European Employment Policies

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This article examines the results achieved by the European Pillar of Social Rights (“EPSR”) thus far, with particular attention devoted to its impacts on employment policies. More specifically, this article is aimed at understanding the preCOVID successes of the EPSR (as well as outcomes from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic until present) by addressing whether European interventions over the course of the pandemic have maintained consistency with the design of the EPSR, or whether emergent circumstances have led to a departure from its initial intent. The ability of the EPSR to capture the attention of different stakeholders demonstrated in the pre-pandemic phase of its implementation seems to have been diluted in the subsequent phases for different reasons, including a strengthening of the political discourse on sustainable development. Overall, however, more resources have been made available for post-pandemic social interventions to support the green and digital transition.